What is Bitcoin? - 11th Birthday Edition

Counting from the day Satoshi Nakamoto released version 0.1 of the Bitcoin protocol software and mined the very first block, 9 January 2020 marked the 11th Birthday of Bitcoin.

Given the somewhat dramatic changes in our understanding of what Bitcoin is over the past 5 years, we rewrote our earlier eBook on the topic.

What you can expect to read about in this eBook:

  • The Backstory of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto’s Background and Inspirations).
  • Why Bitcoin is NOT a Cryptocurrency - it's MUCH better!
  • The Systemic Conundrum that Bitcoin’s Blockchain solved.
  • Bitcoin's Secret Sauce: Economic Incentives.
  • Present-day Applications of the Bitcoin Protocol that Will Rock Your World!
  • Bitcoin’s Untapped Potential (Bitcoin is About Much More than Money!)
  • The Case for Investing in Bitcoin. 

"If we understand Bitcoin in the sense of space, time, density, connections, then you’ll start seeing how all of our planetary interactions are reflected in the power of Bitcoin. When those interactions can happen in a way that can not be tampered with, that is the power of Bitcoin. Nobody on this planet, not even Craig himself, can imagine the full range of possibilities that could flow from this. That’s what excites me about Bitcoin - it’s not just about money. That would be massively downplaying it…" - Michael Hudson, Bitstocks CEO-Founder

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